Battery chargers from Einhell

First aid for your motorcycle or car battery

Battery chargers – powerful helpers in times of need

We've all experienced this: You get into your car, try to start the engine and... nothing happens. But you're in luck if you have the right tool to hand to quickly and easily breathe life back into the dead car battery. A smart battery charger from Einhell provides different car batteries with fresh energy in no time, so the engine quickly springs back to life. With Einhell you will find chargers in various sizes and designs (6 V, 12 V and 24 V), from the rugged compact device for car batteries, to the powerful workshop charger with alternating charging voltage – and all at a very reasonable price. This way you can charge any battery, whether it's a car battery, a truck or motorcycle battery or batteries for scooters, motorbikes, lawn tractors, tractors or motor homes. With the battery chargers from Einhell you will be well equipped for any application.