Ash vacuum cleaners

For thorough oven and grill cleaning

With the ash vacuum cleaners from Einhell, you can remove dust and ash from your oven in no time at all

Hand brushes and chimney brushes are out. If you own a fireplace or pellet stove, an ash vacuum cleaner is highly recommended. They also perform well with pizza ovens and charcoal grills. Both cleaning the oven or grill and the area in front of it can be achieved in no time with an ash vacuum cleaner and is also more comfortable than sweeping by hand. Even hard-to-reach places in the fireplace can be easily cleaned so that the oven can be heated again with full power. Unlike a conventional vacuum cleaner, an ash vacuum cleaner is fire-safe thanks to its metal housing, metal-reinforced suction hose and non-combustible filter material, and it filters the expelled air with a pleated filter to prevent ash from being released.