Wall processing with Einhell

Sanding, slitting, grooving and drilling in drywall construction

Lay cables and pipes with Einhell wall processing equipment, secure drywall and sand walls

The shell construction is in place and interior work can begin – whether you are currently building a house or renovating or expanding your home with an extension, if you want to do as much as possible yourself, you need the right equipment for this. When it comes to laying cables and pipes, you should have a powerful wall chaser or slitting cutter to hand. If, on the other hand, you are planning work on drywall, drywall screwdrivers for the proper connection of various drywall components or drywall sanders for the further processing of your walls are the tools you want. Walls made of harder material such as concrete are better suited for use with a wall and concrete sander, because this versatile machine is not only suitable for conventional drywall, but also for concrete, granite and screed.