Tile cutters and stone cutting machines

Cut hard stone and tiles cleanly and precisely

Precise cutting of stones and tiles with powerful stone cutting machines and high-quality tile cutters

Want to lay the tiles in your new bathroom yourself or, as an ambitious DIYer, even dare to cut the natural stone slabs or paving stones for your garden yourself? Then you should also buy the right tools for these demanding tasks! If you simply want to cut tiles accurately, you can choose between portable tile cutters and stationary tile cutters. Facing even tougher challenges? For very hard materials it is best to use a powerful stone cutting machine! Integrated water pumps and water cooling systems in the stone cutting and tile cutting machines ensure clean results, reduce dust generation and protect against overheating. Hard tiles such as terracotta or natural stone are cut through easily and precisely with the turbo diamond cutting disc or full-edge diamond cutting disc. And in the end, you'll really be able to show off your stone and tile floors!