Electric Hoist

TC-EH 600

Item number 2255150
  • Extra-long, over 18 m twist-free wire cable (Ø 4,5 mm)
  • The guide roller with load hook doubles the maximum load weight
  • Operator switch with emergency stop function for extra safety
  • The motor with thermo switch contributes to a long service life
  • The safety catch on the hook ensures the load is lifted safely
  • An automatic brake secures the load in every position
  • The equipment is fitted with an automatic limit cut-out
  • For easy mounting the equipment comes with two double clamps

Technical data

Do you like to read the technical data sheet before choosing your product? You can find the most important facts and figures for Electric Hoist TC-EH 600 here:

Mains supply220-240 V | 50 Hz
Max. power (S3 | S3%)1050 W | 20 %
Payload without return pulley300 kg
Payload with return pulley600 kg
Lifting height without return pulley18 m
Lifting height with return pulley9 m
Hoisting speed without return pulley8 m/min
Hoisting speed with return pulley4 m/min
Product description
The Einhell TC-EH 600 cable winch is a powerful assistant for lifting and transporting heavy loads in the hobby workshop or garage or when performing home construction work. For Einhell the priority here is safety and functionality: the cable winch has an extra-long 18 meter twist-free wire cable (diameter of 4,5 millimeters), so that the maximum lifting height without a guide roller is 18 meters and loads up to 300 kilograms can be moved - with a speed of eight meters per minute. With the help of the guide roller the load capacity increases to 600 kilograms, the lifting height is nine meters and the lifting speed is four meters per minute. The guide roller with load hook therefore doubles the maximum load weight. For extra safety while working there is an operator switch with emergency stop function and a safety catch on the load hook. In addition, an automatic brake secures the load in every position. The cable winch is also equipped with an automatic limit cut-out, which prevents the motor overheating at the same time. The motor with thermostatic switch contributes to a long service life and, with its power rating of 1,050 W, provides powerful and dynamic service. For easy mounting the equipment comes complete with two double clamps, so the user has no problem here either.

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TC-EH 600