Procedure in case of service

Easy, reliable, transparent!

Your Einhell device or Power X-Change battery, which you have registered via our warranty extension, is moody and causes problems? With our service you can send in your product comfortably and we take care of the further processing.

How it works - your tasks

  1. Check if the Einhell product is still covered by warranty by logging into your user account and successfully completing the warranty registration.
  2. Download a valid "Warranty extension" form for your Einhell product and fill it out with all relevant information about the damage that occurred.
  3. After you have filed the form, keep a copy for your records and separate the original at the dotted line.
  4. Insert the top part of the warranty extension into the packaging of the device. The bottom part indicates the address and can be easily attached to the package.
  5. Send us the package only with the express service "CITY EXPRESS" or bring the package to us! 

Further processing - our performance

Immediately after receiving and completing the defect detection, we assign a status to the device. This status determines whether the device will be repaired or replaced with a new device within the warranty period.

You have more questions or would like to contact us personally? Contact us - our service is there for you!

Do you have questions?

For any question on your Einhell products or technical difficulties, please contact our service hotline.

+381 11 2269 161/162

Monday to Friday
8 am to 4 pm